Get Fit for the Holidays

Get Fit for the Holidays

The holidays are chock full of packed schedules, shuffling from home to home, and many delicious meals. It’s hard to resist the delicacies of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, especially since they come around only once a year. However, if you are working on weight loss goals, this season can cause a bit of trepidation. Wondering what to eat, how much, or even if you should partake in a meal are normal considerations. 

The good news is you can participate in gatherings with family and friends without feeling guilty about it later. Our doctors at Today’s Integrative Health are here to support you throughout this season. They can assist you in staying active and hydrated while maintaining your meal plan to keep your waistline where you want it. 

Stay Active after the Holidays

Earlier in the year, you probably made weekly fitness goals. Keep those up. Traveling during the holidays can cause a person to experience higher than average stress, and you can be exposed to bacteria and viruses to which you typically aren’t accustomed. Maintaining your exercise regimen alleviates tension and keeps your body in tune, which encourages cell regeneration in your muscles, organs, and brain.

If you spend time in a climate that is different from where you live, try something new to get your heart pumping. In areas with heavy snow, you could try snowshoeing or skiing. In warm temperatures, swimming or kayaking are energizing activities to keep you healthy and to burn off that extra piece of apple pie. Encouraging others to go with you creates stronger bonds and may inspire a person to make some wellness goals of their own. 

Drink Up 

Water that is. A glass of this calorie-free beverage before a hefty meal will make you feel somewhat full and prevent you from scarfing down the entire turkey. On average, a person should consume about a gallon, or 64 ounces, of water daily. If you exercise, increase that by 8-16 ounces. 

Be sure you are getting enough water to ensure you have plenty of energy throughout the day and avoid pesky headaches. As an added bonus, hydrated skin appears supple and luminous in family photos. Be sure you look and feel your best by sipping on delicious, life-giving water. 

Make a Plan (& Stick to It!)

You are in control of what you consume. Stick to your meal plan and add some flavorful, healthy recipes to your typical weekly meals. Doing so will help you feel like you’re not missing out on those treats in the break room at work or cookie tins from your Grandma. 

When visiting family or friends, bring an alternative dish that suits your weight loss goals. For example, instead of indulging in a 1,000-calorie serving of macaroni and cheese, bring a plant-based option made with butternut squash and nutritional yeast. It is just as tasty and life-affirming as Aunt Betty’s recipe. Others might even ask you for your secret ingredient. 

You Can Afford to Splurge during Holidays

For one night, not a season. You are not limited to salad on the night of a feast. Enjoy some of your favorites in smaller portions. Moderation is your friend. If you sample everything, you might blow your goal for the day. But take heart, there is always tomorrow’s workout to even everything out again. There are also some supplements that can aid in sustaining the nutrients your body needs during the holidays.

Take Action Today

Don’t let the holidays get you down. There is still so much joy to be had that isn’t about food. Find new ways to get outside, or go play tag with your nephews to get some of those fitness goals met. Take a water bottle with you to stay adequately hydrated. Plan your meals ahead of time, and don’t stress over what to eat at the family dinner. 

If you are ready to make some fitness goals contact Dr. Leo before the holidays are here. We are located at 6321 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852, in the Executive office park. Remember, moderation is key! Whatever you celebrate, may it be filled with joy–that’s the most important ingredient of all. 

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