Why is Integrative Cancer Treatment Important?

Why is Integrative Cancer Treatment Important

Today’s healthcare system offers a wide range of treatments and healthcare solutions for everyone. More people are exploring alternative options for healthcare that reach beyond the symptoms to treat the whole person, especially when it comes to treating cancer. Integrative cancer treatments are among popular options for alternative cancer treatments. Here’s a look at integrative cancer treatment and why it’s important. 

What Is Integrative Treatment?

Integrative medicine doctors understand the importance of uncovering the root cause of uncomfortable symptoms in the body. Healing the body from the inside out is essential when it comes to treating this disease. Treating the whole person rather than just the disease is important for recovery. 

Using a comprehensive approach to cancer treatments can help you recover and reduce the risk of future health issues. Integrative medicine doctors approach treatment plans based on the individual needs rather than a systematic approach. Focusing on the individual needs promotes better healing and recovery. 

What Is the Goal of Integrative Medicine?

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, most people don’t know what to think or how to feel. Some people search for alternative solutions that will help them gently recover from the inside out. That is where integrative medicine helps patients find spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. 

The goal of integrative medicine is to provide support to patients while helping them recover from cancer. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan that works with their body and mind.

Since most patients are not aware of how their cancer journey will affect them, receiving this support can help them gain the strength and courage they need to effectively fight the illness. 

Understanding Treatments

Recovering from cancer can feel lonely and overwhelming as you navigate the healing process. That is why integrative treatments offer a wider range of treatment options that focus on emotional, spiritual, and physical healing of the body and the mind.

This approach may include surgery, chemotherapy, and other therapies combined with nutritional and mental health support. 

Integrative treatments are often two-fold. Doctors first provide therapies and treatments to attack the disease and help patients recover from side effects. Then, they provide ongoing support that boosts physical and mental health. Treatments may include:

  • Nutrition and exercise guidance
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Yoga 
  • Ways to reduce and manage stress

These are just a few of the many treatment options that an integrative approach provides when recovering from cancer. Cancer treatments can disrupt patient life and mental health. An integrative approach offers comprehensive solutions that treat the whole body and mind. 

Why Is Integrative Cancer Treatment Important?

Dealing with cancer treatments and recovery is not easy and can feel very stressful. The fear of pain and stress can leave patients feeling scared when they don’t know what to expect in their cancer journey.

Integrative cancer treatment focuses on the specific needs of each patient as doctors help them recover in a way that is best for them. 

Research shows integrative treatments can help enhance patient quality of life and reduce stress in the recovery process. Many people who choose this method of recovery experience less prolonged symptoms and less chance of relapse in the future.

A combination of healing food, exercise, and mental health solutions can help patients gently recover.  

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