What Are the Benefits Of IV Therapy

What Are the Benefits Of IV Therapy

IV therapy is much more common than you think. In fact, over 90% of hospitalized patients receive IV therapy as part of their care. However, in recent years, IV therapy has become a popular integrative health service. Our team at Today’s Integrative Health will go over what IV therapy is and the benefits of IV therapy services in today’s article. 

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy, which is short for intravenous therapy, is, as you can guess, administered through the veins. The fluid that is administered during IV therapy is full of vitamins and minerals and, in some cases, medication. This is why IV’s are usually administered when a patient is dehydrated because it provides essential nutrients directly through the bloodstream. 

That direct delivery of nutrients and minerals is also why it’s used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions. It’s important to note that IVs should ALWAYS be administered by a professional. Since you’re dealing with needles and veins, things can go wrong rather quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

What is IV Therapy Used For?

Perhaps the most significant benefit of IV therapy is that you can fill IVs with a wide range of nutrients and minerals. This allows functional medicine doctors to pack your IV with the nutrients you need depending on your medical condition. Listed below are some of the reasons IV therapy is used for:

  • Viruses
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Detoxification
  • Respiratory infections

In some cases, patients request IV therapy even if they aren’t dealing with one of the medical conditions listed above. That’s because IV therapy can help maintain general wellness even if you aren’t suffering from an illness or injury. 

What Goes Into an IV Bag?

IV therapy is popular because they’re very versatile. The fluid inside of an IV bag can contain many different types of saline, vitamins, minerals, and medications. What you can expect to find inside of an IV bag includes:

  • Saline – Saline helps hydrate the body
  • Dextrose – Dextrose can help normalize low levels of blood sugar
  • Vitamin B – Vitamin B can help boost your metabolism and nerve function
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C can help boost your immune system
  • Calcium – Calcium helps with bone health
  • Magnesium – Magnesium can help boost metabolism and can reduce inflammation 
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants can help improve cellular health

What you will find inside of your IV bag will depend on what you are being treated for. 

What are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

Understanding the benefits of IV therapy can help you better understand why IV therapy has boomed in popularity in recent years. It can also help you determine whether or not you need IV therapy. So what are some of the benefits of IV therapy?

  • Medication administration – While medications are typically taken orally, there are some cases where IV administration is easier. For example, chemotherapy regimens usually use IV administration.
  • Malnutrition – Unfortunately, too many Americans fail to get their recommended amount of minerals and vitamins through their diet. This malnutrition can lead to medical issues down the line. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) helps patients get the nutrients they need if they aren’t able to meet their requirements through their diets.
  • Cold and flu relief – The symptoms of a cold can knock you out for days even after you have formally recovered. One of the main reasons why this happens is dehydration. Not only do IVs help you stay hydrated, but they can also help boost your immune system.
  • Athletic performance recovery – Intense workouts can be grating on the body. IVs can not only help you re-hydrate after a workout, but they can also help your body recover from sports-related injuries.
  • Headache relief – Unfortunately, researchers are still unsure as to what causes headaches. What we do know is that the pain caused by headaches can be debilitating. The vitamins inside of IVs can reduce inflammation and reduce painful symptoms.

We should note that research regarding IV therapy is still in its infancy. 

How Long Does it Take for IV Benefits to Kick in?

One of the main benefits of IV therapy is that the positive benefits kick in rather quickly. The duration of IV therapy will depend on why you’re undergoing IV therapy. In some cases, patients may have to spend an hour or more connected to an IV. Therapies for dehydration can be done quickly. 

If you are dehydrated, you will feel the benefits of IV therapy almost instantly. You will also feel the benefits of IV therapy for days, even weeks, in some instances. You can also receive ongoing therapy to elongate the benefits. 

Other Services We Offer

At Today’s Integrative Health, we’re focused on providing the people of Rockville, Maryland, with functional medicine services tailored to fit their needs. Our personalized approach to medicine helps attack medical ailments at the source. How are we able to achieve that?

  • Homeopathy
  • Active release technique
  • Chiropractic care
  • Weight loss
  • Telemedicine
  • Personalized medicine
  • Integrative health care

We work with our patients every step of the way to ensure we treat the root cause of their ailments rather than the side effects. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case with traditional treatment options. 

We’re Ready to Help

If you’re ready to feel the benefits of IV therapy, our team at Today’s Integrative Health is ready to help. We offer a wide range of functional medicine services to residents in the Rockville, Maryland, area. Give us a call today to find out what it is we can do for you! 


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