Taste, Touch and Smell – Many Types of Allergies

Taste, Touch and Smell - Many Types of Allergies

When you think of allergies, the first thing that comes to mind may be sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. However, you may be dealing with other less common allergy symptoms.

Allergies can impact people of all ages, especially with the changing seasons. In the spring, there’s pollen in the air, and molds and other irritants from the fallen leaves during the fall. What are ways allergies can affect people?

Taste and Smell Can Be Affected

The loss of taste (ageusia) and smell (anosmia) isn’t a common allergy symptom, like a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. Still, these can occur since the two senses are closely related.

The sense of smell starts when tiny particles in the air reach nerves high in the nasal cavity. The nerves then send signals to the brain, where it’s deciphered what the smell is. 

Your sense of smell and taste are linked, and the sense of smell impacts the ability to taste things properly. As you chew food, fragrances are released from your mouth into your nose, and the nerves detect scents that interpret information and make the food more flavorful.

When your sense of smell is negatively impacted, your sense of taste is also negatively affected. 

Allergy Symptoms

When your body mistakenly identifies and attacks harmless substances that come into your body, your immune system kicks into overdrive and produces allergy symptoms. Mold, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other environmental triggers can induce allergy symptoms, which include the following:

  • Runny nose
  • Hives
  • Congestion
  • Headache
  • Itchy nose and eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing

There are many treatment options for allergies, and it’s essential to work with a knowledgeable doctor. When your nose is congested, you can use a nasal spray or rinse to clear the nasal passage, remove the irritants, and clear the breathing passageway. It’s essential to use the proper equipment when performing nasal washes.

Special saline packets or other fluids are effective in helping clear the nasal passage and lubricate it properly.

Your Skin Can Also Be Affected 

When you’ve got allergies, your skin can be affected as well. Some people will notice random skin rashes or hives on their skin, and it can be helpful to take a shower to wash off whatever irritates the skin.

People who are allergic to pet dander may notice that when they pet animals, they are allergic to, they will develop hives on their skin. 

Other people may notice that if they are allergic to substances like mold, they may get a random rash when inhaling it. Reaction to a food allergy can also produce strange rashes, hives, or swelling.

If you notice that you have hives and swelling and are having trouble breathing, it can be a sign of a severe reaction, and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Work With a Knowledgeable Doctor

If you deal with allergies, you know how miserable it can be. Working with a knowledgeable doctor like Dr. Leo can help you get to the root of your allergies and help you treat and prevent allergy symptoms.

Don’t suffer any longer–call our office at (301) 770-6650 to schedule your first appointment. We enjoy helping our patients! We are located at 6321 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20852, in the Executive office park. 

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